About Us

About Us

Italian Standards to a Familiar Spot

Sapori is a fancy/comfortable restaurant on the outskirts of White Plains near the County Center. At once cozy and elegant, the restaurant has an intriguing layout, yet the space feels comfortably familiar to diners. Many rooms, alcoves and private nooks suddenly open and then close out of sight.

The kitchen dutifully marches through Italian favorites. From starters of grilled gamberi (shrimp topped a serving of delicious beans and salad enlivened with bits of cherry peppers), steamed mussels, beef carpaccio, soups and salads. Sapori’s aim is to accommodate diners so all pastas are homemade and available in half portions too.

Indulge in a garlic and olive oil bound tumble of cavatelli with slices of juicy sweet sausage and broccoli rabe. Try the Bucatini Amatriciana with pancetta, onions, tomato, chili pepper and parmigiana. Chicken scarpariello both on and off the bone the garlic-and-rosemary-scented meat is succulent, its sweetness enhanced by discs of savory sausage. Equally appealing is the thick, juicy lamb chops done precisely medium-rare. Not to be missed the wonderfully creamy butternut squash risotto with seared sea scallops (a special) mingled into a dish. Nicely prepared garnishes like shiitakes, buttery cannelloni beans, baby string beans and carrots adorn the salmon or halibut. House-made desserts complete a wonderful dinning experience. The desserts range from the excellent tart-sweet apples strudel our to frothy tiramisù or a light, moist ricotta cheesecake or a decadent heavenly chocolate mousse cake, extraordinary in its cocoa richness.

The five star award winning wine list is easy for the novice to navigate but will also impress the oenophile in the bunch. The staff is knowledgeable and often has hidden gems tucked away in the vast wine cellar.


Eddie’s positive attitude and exceptional leadership skills brings an unparalleled energy to Sapori. He grew up with a strong foundation of family and food. It is that foundation where his passion and dedication comes from. To him, without key element like handmade, fresh ingredients Sapori’s dishes would lack authenticity. Eddie insists that only local produce and fresh locally grown herbs are used in the kitchen. His goal is to keep recipes fresh and simple bringing true flavors that emulates true authentic Italian cooking. Eddie’s passion for food and service is evident in what we do at Sapori. He not only believes that fresh, local ingredients and handmade dishes set us apart, but it’s having passion for what we do so that we can share that experience with our guests that truly bring meaning to our dishes.


Sammy’s energy and creativity combined with his polished culinary skills and the courage to follow his passion have proven to be the right ingredients for success. Sammy was born into a culinary lifestyle running kitchens and staff all the way back to childhood. When people say the restaurant business is in your blood; Sammy is the quintessential example. “It doesn’t matter what you’re running, a diner or a five-star restaurant,” he explains, “it’s all about being proud of the product you put out, and to that end, I have no tolerance for shortcuts – no matter what; my customers get the best.” His humble heart is always caring for his family, employees and customers. Sammy’s loyalty to his customers and dedication to excellence in exemplary service is the main ingredient in the perfect dining experience at Sapori. Come see for yourself.


Kenny brings 30 years of award winning restaurant experience to Sapori. Managing Top restaurants in the New York and Connecticut areas, he was honored by the International Restaurant and Hospitality Association. Kenny also brings a wealth of wine knowledge and expertise. He was a sommelier and assistant maitre d’ in restaurants that received the Wine Spectator Awards. Kenny’s familiarity with the Westchester marketplace and clientele make him a tremendous asset.

Contact Us

324 Central Ave White Plains, NY 10606 Phone : (914) 684-8855 Email : Sapori324@gmail.com

Hours of Operation

Make your HOLIDAY reservations early! Lunch : Mon.-Fri. 12:00pm – 3:00pm, Sat. 1:00pm – 4:00pm Dinner : Mon.-Thrus. 5:00pm – 10:00pm, Fri & Sat. 5:00pm – 11:00pm Open Sunday from 2:00pm to 9:30pm